Thursday, 11 October 2012

Welcome to Sydney: Ultimate Oz Part 1


So after a few days on my own in Sydney to catch up on awesome photo opportunities like this one, I have started my Arrival Package that I bought with the company Ultimate Oz.

The arrival package is a week of fun that I'm in the middle of right now so here's what we've been doing...

Day one meet the group and go on a walking tour of the city.


Make like minded friends instantly!


Feeding Cockatoos in the Botanical Gardens!


That night was followed by a welcome dinner.

Day two was an amazing harbour cruise all afternoon. It was cold but thankfully sunny!



On Day three we had time in the morning to sort out bank accounts and stuff and then we took the bus for our three hour trip to Port Stevens and our home basecamp, a more rural hostel with a domestic kangaroo and local beach for camp fires!



Now basecamp is where all the fun is at! Even though it's all cold and a bit miserable we went sandboarding!!


This was how we got there... Incredible location!


And in a location that is supposed to be one of the most shark infested waters in the world we hunted for pippi shells which we then raced (which one disapears back into the sand first)!




So this is day four and it's still going on! We didn't just sandboard today we saw whales too but that can wait for the next posting! To finish part one, a picture of fun in the sand!


Much more awesomeness to come in part two!


  1. Ah.... nice to see yr having fun in OZ, this really brings me back to a time when I was a child and first immigrated to Australia from Greece. When yr new in OZ u got to do all those must do things, Koala, Kangaroo, Sand Boarding down Frazer Island ext.. as well as deep water game fishing, I remember we went off the cost of Perth to the west and The Whit-Sunday Islands to the east catching beast Gropers and baby sharks, those were the time so your adventures in Oz bring me back thanks for sparking my memories.

  2. I was in Sydney last year and my trip was amazing. Nice photography! Keep on posting.