Monday, 24 December 2012

Philippines Adventure Pt3- Banuae

After three nights in Sagada, our most northern point we set off (early of course) to Banuae. To get there we had to take a jeep to Bontoc and then a 2 hour bus ride. This was the view from the jeep that morning:


Can you see there was a market going on?

The bus allowed me to get some more pictures of the mountain views.



You see how the road is just at the side of the mountain.

There's only one 'proper' hotel in Banuae, the Banuae Hotel! They knew we were coming following my agoda booking:


Banaue is just a high road running alongside the UNESCO rice terrace views. This was the view from our room:


We were a 10 minute tricycle ride away from the main 'viewpoint'. But first after our arrival we went to find food because the hotel itself was too expensive. There happened to be a lovely street food place just outside.


And we ended up having lunch and dinner here!

Off to see the real point of Banaue and this is the famous view (featuring on some Filipino money too):


Different to the rice terraces around Sagada because the walls are soil and therefore green unlike the stone, but not necessarily prettier.



And here at the viewpoint you have to have a picture with these lovely old natives, as this is how they make their money!


We only spent one night in Banuae and actually that is enough, I'm glad we spent more time in Sagada. Then on the Sunday it was a 9 hour journey back to Manilla so I could catch my flight heading south the next morning, so although that was my first time to see Manilla, I didn't really see it at this point because I just needed to hide in my hotel!!

My next post is the start of the islands adventure! But I'll finish with a picture of a butterfly who joined me for breakfast at the Banuae Hotel!


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