Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Beautiful Cronulla and leaving Australia

I'm writing this post back in snowy England. Christmas and New Year in Sydney was amazing but after that everything seemed to stop working out and being the extremely impulsive person that I am recently, my flight home was booked and I'm planning to stick around for a while.

I came home via Hong Kong and have so much to share about that, but first, knowing I was leaving, there was some more sight seeing to do.

I took the train south to Cronulla and went on the 3 hour river cruise by the Royal National Park. Not allowed to be built on you get views like this:


Even though the other side is heavily built on with no properties less than a million in value.


The bark of the gum trees looks almost pink.



And this shows my ferry, Tom Thumb 3.


It was a really beautiful cruise and really interesting with the history of the National Park. You also catch the ferry here to go across to Bundeena, the gateway to the park.

Cronulla is sort of like Manly in that the ferry's are one side of the peninsula and the beach the other, passing through great shops and restaurants to get there.

This is Cronulla beach, famous because of some film I think! The beautiful beach is there on the left, I just enjoyed the drama of this rocky angle!


And the other thing I did on my very last night in Sydney was finally see something at the Opera House. Turns out it was the dance show Blaze as it was in the concert hall and that was where I really wanted to see inside!

Having no interval I was out by sunset, enjoying my favourite area in Sydney for one last time.


Looking down on the wonderful Opera Bar!


My next post will be the amazing Hong Kong where I really focused on getting some great images!

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