Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Photographing Peveril Castle, Castleton in the Peak District

So I'm home, I'm bored but exciting work is on it's way in a few weeks thankfully! Meanwhile I have to stop burning money like I was when I was travelling and just wait for employment to begin.

However, as one of my very good friends pointed out to me, staying with my Mum means staying in some of the most beautiful countryside in Britain, the Peak District.

I did some research and the first place on my list when the weather got better was Peveril Castle, some British Heritage medieval ruins over looking the village of Castleton.

It's a bit of a mission for someone as unfit as me to get up to the ruins! But once there, this is the view:


It is still the middle of winter and the sun is very low so this was my first view of the castle:


I walked up to the castle and this was the view behind (meaning I couldn't get behind to take a photo where the sun hits!)



Trying to be more creative with the castle...



Back to panoramas and this shows you the castle and it's grounds:


I really like this next one taken standing on the old medieval walls, the castle and it's view.


And finally I stopped on the way down to get a clearer view of Mam Tor which had been blocked by the walls before, a famous hill on the left of this view.


The peak district has never filled me with much excitement, not like the Philippines for example, but that's because it's my home (and reminds me of travel sickness being in the back of a car with my parents!). But I hope you like my pictures and hopefully I will continue to explore and take photos during this pause I'm currently experiencing!!

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