Monday, 22 April 2013

Herm Island: Family Photoshoots Now Available!

Two days ago when the weather was sunny and the wind (finally) calm I took one of the resident families here on Herm Island down to the front of the island to do a mini photo shoot to give me photo examples for my little side project this summer!

I hope to be offering hotel and self catering guests this year the opportunity to do a sunset photo shoot with me. It takes around 45 minutes to an hour and you will have more than 50, beautiful Herm location pictures from that.

Fiona, James, Brandon and Emmy are a young, energetic family! I hate to pose but instead try to use location to create natural, modern images.

At the front of the island there are so many different kinds of location in short walking distances, perfect for photo shoots! So I started with the fields:




And enjoyed capturing these expressions before moving on...



Next stop, the steps down to the beach! I love using steps with groups to mix up the heights.



There's no question we were battling with the sun a bit! As the summer progresses my 6pm shoots will have slightly higher sunshine and less squinting, but I will be constantly trying new locations depending on conditions. Cloudy days, although less holiday looking, can be ideal for perfect skin and faces!


This beach shot is just the kind of thing I love to shoot. You could print this on a canvas at home and it loses the vanity of a studio shoot with people not necessarily knowing it's you, and yet for you it's the memory of a beautiful place.

On to my favourite spot on the whole island because I don't know what this lookout was built for but it is perfect for me!




New location again, hopefully you're getting an idea of just how many different photos I can make once I split the family etc. This time the beach in front of the hotel with it's stones, walls and view of Jethou Island.






I love how this last one looks like a 1960s holiday pic, very appropriate for Herm!

Then I can't do a Herm shoot without getting the hotel in an image.


And finally I will finish my photo shoots with a sit down on the grass, or is that a lie down!





Both me and Fiona agree this last image is the best of the shoot for faces and that's why even though this is less about location, I will also do these kind of poses for a section of the shoot if I have a young family.

Details about having your own sunset photoshoot will be available on the island soon but if you know you want to book already you can contact me through my website here or clicking Sarah Craig Homepage at the top of this page.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Herm Island: A New Adventure

Hello from Herm Island! A short ferry ride from Guernsey in the Channel Islands this private paradise island near France is my home for the next 6 months!

I've only been here a week but I feel like it's going to be wonderful being here! I'm actually here to do the job of Beach Cafe Supervisor... looking out at the sea everyday doesn't sound so bad! Plus a fixed rate for accommodation and food it's a great way to save without too many distractions to spend it on (no nightclubs or cinema's here!).

However I've also had positive noises about offering Island Photo Shoots to hotel guests in the evenings which I'm really excitied about! I'm trying to get some sample imagery for marketing so watch this space...

So, the first of many island collection photographs I'm sure, with my first day off I took the following images to share on my blog.

I started by walking up from my accommodation but as is the case right now the wind is bitter looking over to the beautiful beaches on the east side. As the weather improves I imagine most of my pictures will show the east coast but for now it's this view:


This next panorama is the path I walk down everyday to get to the Shell Beach cafe.


And this is Pinetrees, where I live. It's a cottage divided into private rooms and shared bathrooms.


Near where I live and at the top of the hill is this chapel with courtyards and self catering cottages all around.


This is the view over to Guernsey from our little hilltop village:


And I love this little gate!


So from here you walk down the hill on the west side until you get to the hotel and the front of the island. I do this route at least once a day as my dinner, the pub and the shops are all located here!




At the bottom of the hill I was thinking about where I would do my family photo shoots! This is the beach right in front of the hotel:


And then the harbour beach, very nice lighting but very low tide!



I can't wait to pose a family or couple in this last image to get the perfect 'essence of Herm' image.

You can hopefully see now why I'm happy to be here!

Many, many more picture to come I'm sure...