Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Sark Island and my 30th birthday

Hmm I've been neglecting my blog, sorry readers! Last week I turned 30, this is my sort of excuse!

First things first, whilst my family visited me here on Herm my photography 'presence' was much discussed and I have therefore tidied things up a little in my internet world...

If you are looking to find out about me, the professional photographer, and what I can do for you in that capacity you need to visit my main website sarahcraig.co.uk. This blog on the other hand is going to continue being a sort of chatty diary because that's how I like to write, but if you miss the amazing photos that I focus on here then you're just missing the point!

So on with this post. Whilst I am living and working on Herm I obviously want to explore the surrounding area and Sark is sort of the next island along, heading towards Jersey. My family visited me for my birthday so we went to Sark for the day so I could tick that box and I very much enjoyed being busy all day to avoid the thought of being 30!

Sark, like Herm, has no cars but it does allow bikes plus it's main tourist attraction horse and carriage rides which tour the island. The horse and carriage rides have 2 main stops and the first was to see a view called 'Hole in the Wall' but we didn't seem to find the hole, just this view...


Which was found at the other side of a beautiful woodland.


The second stop was at the causeway, a narrow join to the area referred to as Little Sark with dramatic beaches on either side.




The view from the other side allows for this picture where you can see all the islands back to Guernsey including Herm and particularly my Shell Beach!


Here's an aside picture of me, my Mum and my Uncle with our horse for the day called Tipsey!

This is the doctor's tracker...


And some more Sark views from the area nearer the pier.



I really enjoyed the drama of the coastlines of Sark, the gloomy day sort of suits those pictures too. It does however mean Herm is better for beaches!!

So that night I enjoyed the luxury of dinner at the White House Hotel on Herm.

And it just so happened there were fireworks for me in Guernsey the following day... or was that for liberation day!!


(As viewed from Herm... a little far!)

My next blog post should be some more pictures of Herm! I'll try and get on with it however right now there's force 8 winds going on outside... not the night for picture taking!