Monday, 29 July 2013

Herm Island: A successful family photoshoot

On Friday evening I took photographs of a family group of 11 people staying here on Herm Island. It was really good and the weather was perfect (if a little bright!). And I'm happy to say they liked the pictures, so now I can share a few with you.

We started at the top of the hill as they were staying in self catering cottages. I discovered that this family have been coming to Herm for many years, in fact the mothers, who are sisters, started coming when they were children!

These steps in the courtyard were a perfect starting point for a large group


Then onto the path for views over the fields and out to sea with each family separated.


Of course I try my best to get 'classic' photographs where everyone is looking, but I also love to throw in photographs of more natural moments and these often work well in black and white.


This is at the Guernsey viewpoint.


Then on our way down the hill we stopped at another viewpoint.


And then we arrived at the location that I think is the perfect picture spot here on Herm.



These pictures are very backlit but I like their softness and I didn't want to blast them out with a flash.


Time for some fun by the harbour wall!



And then my favourite picture of the whole shoot because I love to be more arty, you can still make everyone out and it has such a great mood about it!


And to finish the shoot and give a good variety to the photographs, back to some more well known poses on the lawn outside the hotel (which is at least more interesting than a studio doing this in a white box!)




It was great to have a group large enough to do this last picture, but I won't be attempting it again unless it's a very cloudy day or shady spot as they found looking at the sky very uncomfortable.

This family certainly came at the right time,  I was desperate to work with people in this beautiful location again, landscapes don't leave me feeling quite so fulfilled somehow!

There's a few more weeks of the school holidays left so some more bookings would be fantastic.... email me or ask hotel reception to contact me.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Herm Island: Where's the sea gone?

Today my day off happened upon a day when the weather was glorious and the tide was one of the lowest of the year, meaning I could capture some rare views of Herm!

When the tide is low it basically turns the back of the island into one long beach where it is normally divided into Shell, Belvoir and the cliffs. So the first thing I went to explore was the island of Caquorobert, no longer an island at this low tide.



So here's a view you don't normally get to see. I've taken this panorama from a spot I call 'viewpoint' on the cliff path before, but here you can see Belvoir and Shell beaches plus this new beach that appears just a low tides.



Heading back to Belvoir



And I was very excited about getting walk between Belvoir and Shell by the beach! Here is a picture you cannot achieve every day... Standing on land halfway between the two beaches.


Shell beach looking more like a desert than a beach!



You can just about see the umbrellas of the cafe in the distance! It's a long way for a quick paddle!

And then I dashed over to the front of the island. Low tide shows clearly why this side of the island is less appealing to visitors.


Bears and Fisherman's beaches all one and all rocky now.


And this is the harbour


It was really nice to get to take some photos from a new perspective!

Tomorrow is a really exciting day... more on that to follow!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Herm Island: Island Rib Voyages

It's been very busy at the Herm beach cafes recently due to glorious weather so to treat myself on my day off today I took a tour with Island Rib Voyages, to find out more about them click here.

I took the 1 hour tour called Herm Explorer. And I had two good reasons for this being my ideal tour... going on a speed boat and seeing wildlife!

Our first stop was the fort that you see on the way to Herm.



Then passing by the north beaches of Herm.


To an area referred to by our guide as 'the humps'. Where very excitingly there are seals!



In this next picture Herm is in the distance so you can see how far away we were however these rocks can be seen from Shell beach and I had no idea there were seals living here!



This next picture shows Guillemots which are apparently important. Our guide was an animal behaviour specialist and the Rib Voyages team are real environmental enthusiasts really understanding the area and even keeping a record on the seals every time they go out.


Then we headed back towards Shell beach.


My colleagues on the beach saw us doing these big spins for fun!


Past Belvoir Bay...



And on to see the puffins! Yay!


At Puffin Bay, the south, cliff side of Herm.


They nest in the cracks.




And the southern end of Herm was the end of our little tour back.


Back to St Peter's Port, a little wind swept, with Castle Cornet in the back.


This trip comes highly recommended from me, I'm hoping to visit Sark caves with them another time :)

Saturday, 6 July 2013

A very short cruise holiday featuring Cinque Terre

I'm halfway through my contract here on Herm Island so I decided to take some holiday days off together to visit Liberty of Seas where my boyfriend is currently working. Here is a sort of diary entry about my crazy trip!

Because Herm has a limited boat schedule I had to leave the afternoon before in order to catch an 8am flight. I was joining Liberty of the Seas in Villefranche which meant flying in to Nice. Everything went reasonably smoothly although Villfranche is somewhere I don't know and didn't get to know, just getting to take this picture from the ship.


I only had one full day onboard as a result of my only staying two nights and that day was in La Spezia in Italy which I discovered is the gateway to Cinque Terre (5 villages) a UNESCO site on the Italian Riviera. So that was where I wanted to visit. I tried my best to research so we went to the first village of Riomaggiore thinking that there was a famous walkway to the next village but unfortunately that was closed so we only got to see the, beautiful enough, village of Riomaggiore.


It's a bit unfortunate about the scaffolding, I have a postcard showing the perfect look! But it's still pretty cool. I hope to go back one day and see the rest of the pretty cove villages.

Here's a picture of us showing Liberty of the Seas in La Spezia port in the back.

That night I enjoyed being back on ship once more and watching sunset over the sea.

Those are mountains sticking out over the clouds in the back which was very pretty!

It was 70s night in the Royal Promenade, the heart of the ship:

My last day was in Civitavecchia, the port of Rome where it was simple enough to catch a train to Rome airport and my flight home. But first a touristy photo with this well known statue on the beach next to the port:

Today was my first day back at work at the beach cafe and we were really busy! I think the next couple of months are going to fly by but I'll try and find things to blog about!! And what my next adventure will be!