Monday, 29 July 2013

Herm Island: A successful family photoshoot

On Friday evening I took photographs of a family group of 11 people staying here on Herm Island. It was really good and the weather was perfect (if a little bright!). And I'm happy to say they liked the pictures, so now I can share a few with you.

We started at the top of the hill as they were staying in self catering cottages. I discovered that this family have been coming to Herm for many years, in fact the mothers, who are sisters, started coming when they were children!

These steps in the courtyard were a perfect starting point for a large group


Then onto the path for views over the fields and out to sea with each family separated.


Of course I try my best to get 'classic' photographs where everyone is looking, but I also love to throw in photographs of more natural moments and these often work well in black and white.


This is at the Guernsey viewpoint.


Then on our way down the hill we stopped at another viewpoint.


And then we arrived at the location that I think is the perfect picture spot here on Herm.



These pictures are very backlit but I like their softness and I didn't want to blast them out with a flash.


Time for some fun by the harbour wall!



And then my favourite picture of the whole shoot because I love to be more arty, you can still make everyone out and it has such a great mood about it!


And to finish the shoot and give a good variety to the photographs, back to some more well known poses on the lawn outside the hotel (which is at least more interesting than a studio doing this in a white box!)




It was great to have a group large enough to do this last picture, but I won't be attempting it again unless it's a very cloudy day or shady spot as they found looking at the sky very uncomfortable.

This family certainly came at the right time,  I was desperate to work with people in this beautiful location again, landscapes don't leave me feeling quite so fulfilled somehow!

There's a few more weeks of the school holidays left so some more bookings would be fantastic.... email me or ask hotel reception to contact me.

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