Wednesday, 2 October 2013

A Post-Herm Update

Hello everyone! Particularly hello to everyone who has only started reading my blog because of my season on Herm, this pink sky/pink sea sunset photograph is just for you...


And now my blog, as with my life, has to take a turn for something different!

I've decided to return to working for cruise ships! Last year I wrote a few self-indulgent blog posts like this one about why I decided to quit my job as a cruise ship photographer. And I did go to Australia to see if it was somewhere that would make me want to settle (it didn't) and then I was so lucky to do Herm after thinking it was an ideal job after visiting a ex-ship friend who worked there 2 summers ago.

And now I'm ready to go back to ships, to work for the cruise line directly and not in the photography department. If you take those two factors out I should be returning to only things I enjoyed as per my will miss/won't miss list.

Just because I'm not working as a photographer on board does not mean I won't be taking photographs anymore, and I can't wait to get out on port again and photograph specifically with a blog post in mind.

The lovely people at NCL have offered me the position of Shore Excursions Staff so I get to be knowledgeable about tours, I get to be helpful to large numbers of people, it's not a desk job and I'll get some time off in port! It's all very exciting, I'm just waiting for my medical results.

Meanwhile I am off on holiday to Morocco, I'm doing a tour with a company called Topdeck, who with the help of a bus will take me and a group of other travellers to everything Morocco has to offer... cities, sand dunes, mountains and sea!

Many, many photos and stories to follow!