Friday, 29 November 2013

A blogging break and apology

This post is coming to you from the cruise ship Norwegian Gem where I have been living for well over a month now. Unlike my previous job as a cruise ship photographer my new position as Shore Excursions Staff leaves me with too little port time off to be able to edit photos and write my blog. On the plus side I do get more evening time off to enjoy the onboard show, eating out etc so I'm not complaining, I'm still sure of my decision to be here but I am apologising for the lack of blogs. The internet onboard just can't handle the photograph side of things so I can just write this right now...

Some time in the not too distant future I'm hoping to do a catch up blog on my trip to Morocco that I took just before I came out here.

And then as for new cruising pictures, well I'm doing the same 9 day cruise over and over for the next 5 months so there's only so many pictures I can take! We sail out of New York and I've been trying to capture the Manhattan skyline from the ship, it's bloody freezing though!! I haven't actually got off in New York yet, hopefully soon. And then we just go to San Juan, Puerto Rico (I was at the El Morro fortress yesterday it is an amazing place!), St Maarten, St Thomas and Samana in the Dominican Republic.

Anyway I'm not blogging because I'm busy but generally everything is ok. Last week I had to change cabins and I now share with the girl who runs the photo studio, my old job, which has been nice, apart from my own team it was easy to make friends with the photographers on board! NCL treats their crew very well and so similar to Celebrity so it was a perfect choice of employer for me, at the same time I can clearly see the differences in guest experience between all the cruise lines I have worked but as crew it's all the same which is nice to know!

So I am still taking pictures and I will share everything as soon as I get chance! Ciao for now.


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