Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The Last 6 Months on Gem: Samana and New York

My final Caribbean port last contract was Samana in the Dominican Republic. An incredibly beautiful place the Samana area is in fact a peninsula and sometimes the sea was glass calm however it was also too shallow to dock so we tender to land, using the ships lifeboats which looks like this:

The problem with Samana is that there isn't a great deal to do, we had very few tours and most of them just showed off the countryside. Here's an image showing their handmade cigars:

So what most people did on this day was go to the beach and NCL chartered part of the island Cayo Levantado for our guests. This island also has a private 5* hotel on it that looks beautiful and is incredibly expensive!

If you look carefully you can see where the ship is anchored between the trees.

And here's a picture of me with one of the sea lions living on the island and one of the optional extras to going there:

After Samana the ship would take two full sea days back up to New York, which at that time meant back up to the freezing cold, with New York having a ridiculous amount of snow this winter just gone, we were able to build snowmen on the pool deck of the ship it came down that heavily! I took the following pictures during the sail away from the ship.

And then walking around New York this is Strawberry Fields in the snow:

And then just before I signed off, Times Square in the sunshine!

When I go back, I am returning to Gem in New York and will be there every 7 days, this time I understand New York will go to the other extreme and be too hot! Am I currently preparing to pack accordingly!

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