Saturday, 12 April 2014

The Last 6 Months on Gem: St Maarten

St Maarten or Sint Martin is the smallest island divided into two countries or something like that. The cruise ships dock in the Dutch capital of Philipsburg, a massive port that on one Wednesday in the last 6 months was home to 9 cruise ships at once.

I took this picture the day I bought my new compact S110, I got back to the ship to find out my Lightroom 3 couldn't read the RAW files so I had to wait another week or so for my Lightroom 5 upgrade and that's where I'm at now, as a travelling photographer, new camera, new software, ready to keep documenting!

Most people visiting St Maarten want to see the French and Dutch sides (even though the whole island looks the same) so these are our most popular tours.

This is what the French Capital, Marigot, looks like. Much smaller than Philipsburg it was a flea market and patisseries to explore.

The french side of the island has better beaches, most famously Orient Bay which is a mile and half long and is what this photo is of although from a 'sightseeing' view point.

And this is the beach at Grand Case, an area more famous for it's French restaurants

Other than sighting seeing tours of St Maarten I got to go in a semi submarine:

Take part in the America's Cup Regatta, a very popular tour because of the real sail races that take place here (I was main sail trimmer if that means anything to anyone).

But by far my favourite tour was the Rhino Rider mini boats that I took Kayleigh on for her last week where you drive this fast little boat on the sea to a beach, snorkel and back again...

Snorkling selfie!

And here's me and Kayleigh looking like we're having too much fun!

Some days I really loved my job!

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