Monday, 14 April 2014

The Last 6 Months on Gem: St Thomas

Onto St Thomas one of the US Virgin Islands and THE place to do water based shore excursions.

This image was taken from a place called Paradise Point which is located just behind the port, accessed by cable car. It just so happens I got to see this wonderful rainbow the time I went up there, however I only had my iPhone to capture this image with.

Then one of my early tours was a kayaking trip to a beautiful area called Cas Cay, once again I only had my iPhone and due to the nature of the tour I left it in a locker and only managed to capture this image of the start.

As soon as I bought my new camera with waterproof housing I asked to go on as many 'wet' excursions as possible and the very first one I took it on was called St John Champagne Catamaran Sail and Snorkel. You go to honeymoon beach on St John, the neighbouring USVI to snorkel in a protected area, followed by champagne!

In St Thomas/St John you can pretty much guarantee snorkelling with turtles and I can't do that enough!

Just like in St Maarten I did a mini boat excursion in St Thomas, this time having too much fun with my friend Dee.

And finally the biggest test for my waterproof camera was an excursion called Sea Trek which involves walking at the bottom of the sea, my first tentative step into diving at 15 feet down I had to learn about equalising for the water pressure however the helmet that you wear enabled me to even keep my glasses on! It really is an incredible, if a little bizarre, experience and I highly recommend it!

Looks like something from out of space right!?

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